"Oasis of Peace", the island is a mesmerizing place, entrenched in history, and full of stunning sights and activities. The 19-mile-long island boasts a dense tropical topography with waterfalls, natural springs and wildlife from howling monkeys to delicate butterflies. On the north, looms the Concepción, a majestic and perfectly cone-shaped active volcano. On the south swaddle in a cloud forest and mist-shrouded lagoon in its crater, emerges the extinct volcano Maderas.

Ometepe means its sacred native ground is strewn with pre-Columbian petroglyphs, rock carvings resembling abstract spirals, turtles and lizards, dating as far back as 1000 B.C. In pre-Columbian Nicaragua, indigenous prophets had a vision of paradise, a place with two great hills. Their visions led them to Isla de Ometepe, an island featuring twin volcanoes, Maderas and Concepción, emerging from the ocibolca, the great Lake of Nicaragua -- the largest lake in Central America. The world's largest island in a freshwater lake.


Astalgalpa, as the Nahuatl indians called it, was the indigenous capital of Ometepe in pre-columbian times is the ground zero for petroglyph prowling and pre-Columbian culture, sitting on the north of Concepción Altagracia continues to maintain an authentic Ometepino lifestyle such as the Baile de los Zompopos during the Fiestas Patronales held in November 11-18, dedicated to Altragracia's patron St. San Diego, and the dance where locals hold branches of Guanacaste trees and cane in a massive drum procession that have been held since 1613 that retells the victory over a large, destructive tribe of leaf cutting ants. The origins of the festivities date back to pre-Columbian times when the Indians worshipped their harvest god Quiateot.


Welcome to Tagüizapa one of the most important archaeological sites on Ometepe where four large stone idols have been found so far. After 1.3 km walk along banana plantations and local habitat, you reach the scenic cove of Tagüizapa Beach Resort your Destination. where you'll find inclusive vacation packages in multiple themes including cuisine, attractions, campfire, dances and live entertainment, wedding packages and so much more.

On the hotel's grounds you can admire the oldest tree of Ometepe, a huge, 800 years old ceiba (kapok) tree. You can swim on shallow water lakes and relax on with local and healthy drinks to quench your thirst and local cuisines prepared to your like.